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Instructions for Uploading the Application Form and Supporting Materials

Please make sure that the file name of your application document begins with the name of the church or monument (for Morris Church Conservation Grants) or with your surname (for Research Grants). Please also do this for any additional documents you submit to support your application. Please note that all files must be less than 10 mb in size.

Instructions for Submitting References (Research Grants)

Following your application submission, your referee(s) will receive an automated email from our website (triggered by the submission of your application materials); the email will have a unique URL/link to an online reference form (with instructions) to be filled out and submitted in support of your application. Once submitted, your referee(s) will receive on on-screen 'Thank You' message confirming receipt of the reference.

You will want to alert your referee(s) of the application deadline in advance to avoid disappointment regarding late submissions. Your entire application, including references, must be submitted by the deadline. Therefore you may wish to 'submit' your application materials early to allow your referee(s) time to act.

You will want to alert your referee(s) to the information that will be necessary for completing the reference form in advance (download the information here). We recommend that you encourage your referee(s) to compose supporting statements in advance, so that statements may by copied and pasted into the online reference form to avoid technical difficulties that can occur when online forms are left open too long (such as loss of unsaved content).

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