These awards are endowed through a bequest by Margaret Jones FSA.

Between 1965 and 1978 Margaret and Tom Jones oversaw excavation in advance of gravel extraction of an area of 18 hectares overlooking the Thames Estuary at Mucking in Essex. One of the largest and most extensive excavation projects in Europe at the time, this revealed a complex palimpsest of settlement, funerary and landscape features from the Neolithic to the post-Medieval periods. Now published in a five volume report, Mucking remains a key site for UK archaeology and represented a milestone in the development of excavation methods and approaches, and in the archiving, analysis and publication of large and complex archaeological data-sets.

The awards are available to support archaeological investigation of large sites or landscapes in the UK of the periods revealed by the Mucking excavation (i.e. Neolithic to post-Medieval), specifically:

  • the field investigation, excavation or analysis of large sites or landscapes
  • the development or testing of methodologies and approaches for the field investigation, excavation or analysis of large sites or landscapes

Applications will be accepted for:

  • projects where the Society will be the main or a significant financial contributor
  • support for definable objectives with specific, measurable outcomes within larger projects funded from a range of sources (but not simply ‘topping up’ applications to major funding bodies)

Timing and Duration of Funding

Awards are made on an annual basis with possible renewal for up to two further years. A new application is required each year and no project will be funded for more than three years.

Award Amount

£1,000 to £10,500

Deadline for Applications

15 January annually


  • Applications must be from the project director or principal investigator.
  • Awards will not be made for work contributing to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Please note: the awards are not open to those previously in receipt of funding for Mucking post-excavation.

Eligible project costs include:

  • travel & subsistence for members of the project team
  • the costs of specialist or scientific investigation, and of technical services such as imaging and illustration, where these have to be commissioned
  • the hire of plant and site accommodation
  • materials and consumables
  • the hire of specialist equipment to which the applicant cannot reasonably be expected to have access

Please note that the following costs are not eligible and will not be considered:

  • personal remuneration
  • salaries of staff holding current appointments
  • institutional overheads
  • internal hire charges within the applicant’s institution or between project partners
  • publication subventions and publication grants (including costs of digital dissemination)
  • contingency estimates


The scheme is competitive and we are not always able to award grants to all applicants. In reaching its decisions the Research Committee will put weight on the quality of the research proposal and its viability, both financial and practical. All decisions made by the Committee are final.

Application Requirements

Applications must be made on the form provided and should not exceed five (5) A4 pages with the font size no smaller than 10 point. A summary of your research proposal is also required (see application form) which should be a maximum of 2,000 words and no more than five (5) A4 pages. Both of these documents must be less than 10MB to upload successfully. Applications will be assessed solely on the basis of the information provided on the application form and accompanying proposal.

Applicants must:

  • present a clear and detailed articulation of their research aims and how these will be achieved, with costings and the proposed duration of their work; this must include a clear statement of the contribution of the proposed research to scholarship
  • present a clear plan for the timely publication/dissemination of the results of their research; applicants are encouraged to consider submission to the Society’s journal and the Society may invite grant recipients to give lectures on their projects
  • request a specific sum from the Society and declare all applications to other funding bodies
  • provide a statement of the minimum sum needed to make the project viable in the event of full funding not being obtained

Projects should not start before 1 April in the year of application and grants should be taken up by 31 December of the year in which they are awarded.

Successful applicants must demonstrate that they have received all relevant permissions to undertake their project before the funds can be released.

Where this is the second (or subsequent) application for a grant from the Society relating to the same project, applicants are required to submit a brief summary of their results to date and a statement of their expenditure covered by the previous grant.

Should any part of an award remain unspent, it is to be returned to the Society of Antiquaries of London for reinvestment in the Jones Award Fund.

Reporting and Acknowledgement

Successful applicants will be expected to submit by email in electronic format:

  • a satisfactory report, of 1,000 – 1,500 words, setting out how the research objectives were met (Word document)
  • a financial statement detailing how the Society’s money was spent (Word document or Excel spreadsheet)
  • two or three digital images illustrating the project that the Society may use in its reporting and publicity (.jpg or .tiff with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi)

Reports and images must be received no later than 28 February of the year following the award of the grant (thus if the grant is awarded in March 2018, the reports should be submitted no later than 28 February 2019). No further grant will be made to any applicant who fails to meet this requirement.

In addition, the Society may request short reports suitable for inclusion in its newsletter, Fellowship News; its e-newsletter, SALON; or on its website.

Acknowledgement of the Jones Award should be made in any publication or practical use of the research.

Applying for a Margaret and Tom Jones Award

  • Please read the eligibility criteria above.
  • You will be required to upload a completed form and your research proposal when you submit your application. Please read the requirements for completing the form carefully and follow the instructions.
  • Two references are required, please make sure you arrange your references in advance.
  • All applications must be submitted using our online application tool. When you are ready to make your application, click on Apply now below

Past Awards

Details of all successful applications since 2017 are available from Recent Awards.