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Event Series Evening Lectures

Christmas Soirée

Join us to celebrate the end of the year with our Annual Christmas Soirée and Mulled Wine Reception. The meeting will begin with Society business and will be followed by […]

Event Series Evening Lectures

People and Place in the Kingdom of Northumbria: New project and fieldwork perspectives

University of Exeter, Laver Building, Exeter EX4 4QE University of Exeter, Laver Building,, Exeter

Following several years of research collaboration between Durham University and the Gefrin Trust, a new phase of investigation using survey, geophysical prospection and excavation commenced at the multi-period site of Yeavering, Northumberland in 2021. This paper presents the combined results of these investigations focusing on the new information brought to light on the early medieval palace complex.

Event Series Evening Lectures

The Materiality and Historical Dress of Early Modern Hunting – An Interdisciplinary Approach

Online Only , United Kingdom

In this presentation, Dr Neighbors explores how clothing and materiality played an important role in the sociability, visual culture, identity of hunting participants, and practices of early modern hunting, and exhibits, for the first time, the digital renderings of the hunting garments produced during his 2023 Janet Arnold Grant funded project.

Event Series Evening Lectures

Iron Road; writing the history of the railway from 1750 to 1850

Society of Antiquaries of London Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

As mine handling systems, railways have been around since the Middle Ages but were transformed between 1750 and 1850 by adopting iron components and mechanical operation, superseding roads and canals as the transport systems for the Industrial age. David Gwyn discusses their evolution and how to share the history of the ‘iron road’.