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SPECIAL MEETING IN EXETER: Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

The Garamantes and Beyond: Pre-Islamic Oasis Development and Trade in the Sahara Desert

Lecture by Prof David Mattingly FSA

D 7 DMP 2011 TS-1010212A ground-breaking article on the Garamantes, an ancient people of the Libyan Sahara, was published by Charles Daniels in the Antiquaries Journal for 1970. His pioneering work opened a tiny window on the world of North Africa's indigenous peoples contemporary with the Roman empire. The results were remarkable in that they revealed a society in rapid development, with the uptake of oasis farming and sedentary lifeways, contrary to the previous assumptions that the Sahara was at this time inhabited by a few scattered 'nomads'. Now, nearly 50 years later, we have a much fuller understanding of the Garamantes and their contribution to pre-Islamic Saharan settlement, oases and trade. This lecture will present the results of a series of projects I have directed since the mid-1990s, initially focused on the Garamantes themselves, but more recently extending to other Saharan communities in Southern Morocco. What is becoming apparent is that the Sahara was a far more populated, interconnected and developed space in classical antiquity that has hitherto been appreciated.


14.30: Ordinary Meeting of Fellows

Formal meeting business including admissions and an introduction on current work at the Society in London (Fellows and guests only).

15.00: Lecture by Prof David Mattingly FSA

The lecture will be open to Fellows as well as members of the University of Exeter community as well as the general public.

Refreshments will follow in the Common Room.

Please contact Jola Zdunek (admin@sal.org.uk) if you wish to be formally admitted to the Society at this meeting.


Meeting will take in University of Exeter, Laver Building, North Park Road, EX4 4QE, 3rd floor, Lecture Theatre 3