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The Harkirk Hoard Revisited

Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

The Harkirk Hoard Revisited

Lecture by Dr Dora Thornton FSA and Jane Stevenson, with Peter Davidson FSA in attendance to take questions

The first millenium coin hoard found in 1611 by the  recusant Lancashire squire William Blundell has become something of a locus classicus of historiographical and antiquarian studies, especially following the work of Daniel Woolf. This tripartitle lecture revisits several aspects of  Woolf's assumption that Blundell's discovery and subsequent composition of a manuscript memorial and a printed broadsheet about the coins was the work of a historically-naïve provincial squire. Dora Thornton will examine the silver pyx made from the coin hoard in relation to other subsequently discovered examples of English and Irish penal Catholic silver. (The pyx and broadsheet plate are now on loan to the BM.) Peter Davidson will examine some of the ideas of the Saxon past specific to the recusant Catholic community. Jane Stevenson will conclude by challengingWoolf's assumptions of naivety and will argue that the Douai-educated Blundell had in fact access to the latest continental scholarahip on first millenium England.

Event Location

Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House