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Feeding Anglo-Saxon England


Ordinary Meeting of Fellows

Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution

Lecture by Prof Helena Hamerow FSA

This will be a full Society of Antiquaries meeting, attended by the President or Officers and General Secretary of the Society.

The lecture will present the aspirations and approaches of a new ERC-funded project, ‘Feeding Anglo-Saxon England. The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution’ (‘FeedSax’).  Its aim is to trace the emergence and spread of three key innovations that enabled the farmers of early medieval England dramatically to increase cereal yields. The use of crop rotation, the widespread adoption of the mouldboard plough, and the extensification of cereal production together revolutionized medieval farming, enabling medieval populations to grow to unprecedented levels. Using preserved cereal remains, weed seeds, animal bones, pollen, and the excavated remains of farms, ‘FeedSax’ aims to generate the first direct evidence of medieval cultivation regimes. 


14.30: Ordinary Meeting of Fellows

Formal meeting business including admissions and an introduction on current work at the Society in London (Fellows and guests only).

15.00: Lecture by Prof Hamerow

The lecture will be open to Fellows as well as members of the University of Exeter community as well as the general public.

Refreshments will follow in the Common Room.

Please contact Jola Zdunek (admin@sal.org.uk) if you wish to be formally admitted to the Society at this meeting.