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The Treatment and Technical Analysis of the Society's Parmetier Panel

Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

The Treatment and Technical Analysis of the Society's Parmetier Panel, an Early 15th/16th Century Franco-Flemish Painting

Lecture by Emma Jansson.

The Parmentier Panel was treated at the Courtauld Institute of Art by Emma Jansson, a current student on the Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings. The project provided an opportunity to work on a painting with a complex structure and material history, consisting of multiple painting campaigns and past restoration. The complexity of the object made it important to consider the historical significance of the painting throughout each stage of the treatment. In addition, since the painting has been divorced from its original context, it was necessary to consider both its original function and current display within the context of the Society’s collection.

Emma will present her an overview of her work and discoveries.

Ballot Scheduled (16.00-16:45)

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