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Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society

Extraordinary General Meeting of Fellows (Fellows Only)

Proposed changes to the Society's Statutes were read out following an Ordinary Meeting of Fellows on 15 October, and a printed version of the proposed changes has been posted to Fellows (delivered to the post office on 16 October). Fellows can also review the proposed changes by downloading an electronic copy from the Fellows' Area of the website, or watching a recording of the recent reading.

The document described above sets out Council’s proposals for new Statutes, to replace those last issued in 2004, and new wording for the Charter of 1751, provisionally agreed with the Privy Council Office. The new Statutes develop work begun by a group of Fellows in 2011 and have been drafted by the legal team at Stone King LLP. The Statutes were, in places, out of step with the Founding Charter of 1751, and parts of the Charter have been changed to align it with the proposed Statutes. The new Statutes, if adopted by the Fellowship, provide for Council to make Orders, which set out in more detail how the Society conducts its business. Orders can be amended without disturbing the Statutes and will provide the Society with greater flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. The document includes two new Orders proposed by Council – concerning the conduct of Anniversary meetings and provisions for voting – that must be endorsed by the Fellowship to come into effect.

Revision of Statutes must follow Chapter XVIII of the 2004 Statutes, also set out in the document. The reading of the proposed new Statutes on 15 October signalled the start of a period of four weeks (until midnight on 12 November 2015) during which any Fellow may propose amendments or additions. The new Statutes, with any amendments received by the General Secretary, together with the revisions to the Charter will be considered and voted on at an Extraordinary General Meeting for Fellows to be held at 2.00 p.m. on Thursday, 3 December 2015, at Burlington House. If the new Statutes are agreed, the new Orders will also be put to the Fellowship for a vote at that Meeting.

You will see that the document also provides answers to a number of questions about the background to these changes which Council hopes Fellows will find helpful. These matters may only be determined at the Extraordinary General Meeting, so your vote at the meeting on 3 December is important.

Fellows Must Reserve a Seat by 23 November

In order for us to ensure that we have a venue that can hold all those Fellows who wish to attend, please reserve your place by 23 November.

Reserve either by email admin@sal.org.uk or call 020 7479 7080.

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