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Hidden Archaeology of Stonehenge

Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

Hidden Archaeology of Stonehenge

Lecture by Vincent Gaffney, FSA

Stonehenge may be one of the most studied archaeological monuments in Britain but much of the landscape around the iconic monument remains to be explored. Since 2010 a pan-European consortium of archaeologists has carried out one of the largest and most detailed geophysical surveys of the landscape around Stonehenge. Using mobile, multi sensor instruments this survey has begun to demonstrate there remains much to be discovered in the fields around the famous monument and the first results are changing how we view the landscape and Stonehenge itself. This lecture will reveal some of the many new discoveries made during the survey and consider their significance for our understanding of the Stonehenge and similar landscapes elsewhere.


Images (c) LBI ArchPro Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project.