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Brunanburh in 937: Bromborough or Lanchester?

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‘Brunanburh in 937: Bromborough or Lanchester?’

Andrew Breeze, FSA

The English victory over invading Scots, Strathclyders, and Dublin Vikings at Brunanburh in 937 was a crucial event in the unification of England. But the location of this great and bloody battle has mystified scholars ever since John Leland in the time of Henry VIII. Recent years have seen a shaky consensus in favour of Bromborough, in the Wirral. Yet recent recent research must rule this out. The battle was surely fought near Lanchester in County Durham, where a Roman fort or ‘burh’ stands on a major route north near the River ‘Brune’ or Browney. Location of Brunanburh near Durham thus solves permanently an old problem, opening possibilities for a new chapter of archaeological and historical research on the Anglo-Saxons and their neighbours.