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Roman Sculpture from London and South East England

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‘Roman Sculpture from London and South East England’

Martin Henig, FSA, Penny Coombe and Kevin Hayward, FSA

Francis Grew, Kevin Hayward, Martin Henig and Penny Coombe have been surveying Roman sculpture for the tenth British Fascicule of the Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani, focusing on London and the South East (London, Hertfordshire,Surrey and Kent), and the publication is in production at the moment. The survey has turned out to be the most detailed of any of the fascicules so far published. The team has identified approximately 25 different stone types brought to London from around England and as far as France. The survey included Imperial portraits, major religious sculptures, sculptures from public monuments, altars, votive reliefs, tombstones, civil and military pieces, and sarcophagi in marble and local stone and bronze sculptures. Some items have been known since the 17th century; others are more recent finds. There are many items which are interesting for their iconography or what they tell us about religion or funerary rites. The area has more marble, bronze statuary fragments and sculptural decor from major monuments than any other region in the province.