Objects on the move

The Society believes in making its collections widely available and runs an active loans programme, contributing to exhibitions and displays at venues in the UK and across the globe.

We welcome requests to lend items from the collection to exhibitions and displays that are open to the general public and contribute to knowledge and understanding of their subject. Please contact the Museum Collections Manager for information on our terms and conditions of loan.

Loans to current and forthcoming exhibitions

Due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closures, the Society’s 2020 loans programme has been paused. We are working with borrowing venues to ensure that all exhibitions scheduled for this year can instead take place in 2021.

Long-term Loans to Museums and Galleries

You can also see more than 400 of our objects and paintings which are on long-term loan to museums and galleries around the UK. Here are just a few of our objects you can visit:

Dream of the VirginThe fourteenth-century painting ‘Dream of a Virgin’ (LDSAL1305) by Simone de Crocefissi at the National Gallery, London (Room 52)

The earliest known spring-driven clock (LDSAL131) made by Jacob Zech of Prague in 1524 at the British Museum, London (Room 38)

St Thomas Becket’s Casket (LDSAL110) an ornate reliquary to hold remains of St Thomas Becket, who was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 at the British Museum, London (Room 1).

Small Roman votive shrine (LDSAL40) found at Lower Slaughter in 1769, near the Foss Way, at the Museum of Gloucester

Roman altarsRoman altars (left) and votive tablets found in the remains of Tynemouth Castle, two altars dedicated to Mars found at Benwell, red sandstone altar dedicated to Veteres found at Benwell, and an altar dedicated by Julius Pastor to Veteres at the Great North Museum, Tyne & Wear

Bronze Age socketed spearhead (LDSAL72a) from Hay on Wye, Powys and medieval brass seal matrix (LDSAL927) from Grace Dieu Abbey, Monmouthshire at National Museum Wales