The Preface of Snorri Sturluson & The Story of the Ynglings

A calligraphic manuscript by William Morris FSA on Icelandic sagas. Included here are his translations of extracts from the Icelandic Heimskringla, including The Preface of Snorri Sturluson and The Story of the Ynglings. His hand is beautifully clear, with the text embellished with decorated initials and colourful marginal notations.

See [MS 907 William Morris – Egil: MS 907 The Story of Egil Son of Scaldgrim page] for a companion William Morris calligraphic manuscript.

Artist / Maker
William Morris FSA (1834-96); drawings by Philip Webb and Charles Fairfax Murray
c. 1873
Bequeathed by May Morris (d.1938), daughter of William Morris
Vellum; leather, olive green binding (The Doves Bindery, 1897)
Burlington House
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