The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover 1520

This is a copy of the painting in the Royal Collection at Hampton Court and was produced during a period of debate and change within the Society about their use of engravings. The mid-late eighteenth century was a time of imperial and domestic crisis, which prompted a movement to engrave historical paintings that commemorated remarkable events in Britain’s national history. Between 1770-1780 a series of seven historical prints were commissioned; an engraving of this work was published in 1781 as a companion piece to The Field of Cloth of Gold, for which a new extra-large ‘Antiquarian’ size paper had to be produced.

See also [The Field of Cloth of Gold: The Field of Cloth of Gold ] for a companion piece.
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Artist / Maker
Samuel Hieronymus Grimm
Commissioned by the Society in 1779
Burlington House