Saxon Kings

These fragments of painted panelling were once part of a large frieze. The inscription on the panel of Athelstan makes it clear that the subject is the unification in AD 926/7 of the lesser kingdoms of Britain under Athelstan (reigned AD 925–40). Unfortunately we don’t know the identities of the other kings who are depicted. The six panels are constructed from thirteen oak boards.

Artist / Maker
Unknown, probably English
Early sixteenth century (c. 1515)
The six fragments were given to the Society in 1880 by the Revd Canon Jackson, FSA on behalf of his cousin Elizabeth Branson, heiress of Baston House.
Oil on oak panels
: LDSAL 509.1 1,585 x 760mm LDSAL 509.2 1,430 x 760mm LDSAL 509.3 1,430 x 250mm LDSAL 509.4 338 X 320mm LDSAL 509.5 350 (top) x 345 x 470mm LDSAL 509.6 530 (top right) x 570 x390mm
Burlington House