Regulator Clock

The Society’s Regulator Clock was made in around 1770 by Benjamin Gray and Justin Vulliamy – their names can be seen inscribed on the clock face.

Regulator clocks of this kind were not made for formal use and were both expensive and delicate. Designed to achieve a high level of accuracy, they were used for astronomical observations and for regulating other time pieces. The Society’s clock is equipped with both minute and second hands. Hours were displayed by a revolving dial, visible through a slot in the face of the clock (seen above the ‘30’ on the Society’s clock face). The clock had been designed to accurately keep time over an eight-day period.

The Society’s example is beautifully made. The case is oak with a walnut veneer and features a glass insert, allowing the motion of the pendulum to be seen. The pendulum is so broad that additional recesses on either side of the body of the case were added in order to accommodate its swing.

Object in depth.

Artist / Maker
Benjamin Gray and Justin Vulliamy
Mid eighteenth century
Brass; glass; oak; walnut
Burlington House