Salon 81

Weekly meeting report Sydney Anglo, FSA, entertained Fellows this week with an account of the exaggerated respect that ‘armchair generals’ and ‘word warriors’ afforded to classical authorities when debating the […]

Salon 80

Weekly meeting report At the weekly meeting held on 19 February 2004, the General Secretary proved that he could easily have had (and might yet have) a career as an […]

Salon 79

Weekly meeting report At the weekly meeting held on 12 February 2004, David Hill, FSA, gave Fellows an account of the Anglo-Saxon map of England and Wales compiled by Laurence […]

Salon 78

Weekly meeting report At this week’s meeting, Simon Jervis, Hon VPSA, described the engravings published by William Bell Scott in his ‘Antiquarian Gleanings in the North of England’ (c 1851) […]

Salon 77

Weekly meeting report This week’s meeting took the form of a ballot. Andrew Fitzpatrick, FSA, exhibited a Bronze Age rapier from Testwood in Hampshire, and discussed the ritual deposition of […]

Salon 76

Weekly meeting report A recent proposal to designate the Cevennes/Grand Causse region as a World Heritage Landscape shows only four ancient monuments in the Causse M’jean, an upland region slightly […]

Salon 75

Weekly meeting report At the meeting held on 15 January 2004, Paul Harvey, FSA, and Malcolm Jones, FSA, revealed their shared passion for collecting references to animal names in historical […]

Salon 74

Weekly meeting report At the meeting held on 8 January 2004, Simon Kaner gave an account of recent developments in Japanese archaeology, from the recent scandal of Japan’s early Palaeolithic […]

Salon 73

Christmas greetings Salon‘s editor wishes everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and promises to be back on 12 January with more clippings from the media featuring the […]

Salon 72

Weekly meeting report Discussing just five documents out of the 20,000 or so held in the Berkeley Castle Muniments Room, David Smith, FSA, illustrated the range, depth and breadth of […]