Salon 122

News of Fellows How many times will Jeremy Paxman bark ‘no conferring’ or harrass our Fellow Philip Venning with his catch phrase ‘c’mon; I need an answer’? next Monday? All […]

Salon 121

Corrections Salon 120 contained a couple of errors, for which we apologise. One article said that 40,000-year-old human footprints had been found on the shores of Valsequillo Lake in New […]

Salon 120

Website picture gallery A new picture gallery has been added to the Society’s website, with photographs and descriptions of some of our important paintings (clicking on the thumbnails will bring […]

Salon 119

News of Fellows Salon 188 said that Stephen Harrison, MBE, was the only Fellow to be honoured in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List, but closer scrutiny by Bernard Nurse, […]

Salon 118

Forthcoming meetings The final meeting of this academic year will be held on 23 June and will take the form of a Miscellany of Papers followed by the Society’s popular […]

Salon 117

Forthcoming meetings 9 June: Antiquaries and Players in Pursuit of Liturgical History, by Richard Pfaff, FSA. The study of medieval liturgical history in England began in the middle third of […]

Salon 116

Forthcoming meetings 26 May: From Egypt to the Coromandal Coast: Rome’s eastern trade, by David Peacock, FSA, and Robert Tomber, FSA. Rome’s trade with the East, a facet of the […]

Salon 115

Forthcoming meetings 12 May: Otricoli in Umbria: a new survey of the Roman town of Ocriculum, by Simon Keay, FSA, and Martin Millet, FSA, with Sophie Hay The Roman site […]

Salon 114

Forthcoming meetings 28 April: Managing the Periphery: the role of the Ushnus as a link between Inca people, their deities, ancestors and environment, by Dr Frank Meddens, FSA, and Dr […]

Salon 113

Forthcoming meetings 14 April: Ballot with exhibits. Brendan O’Connor, FSA, will talk about ‘A Late Bronze Age spearhead in the Albert Way manuscripts rediscovered and the antiquities of Abraham Kirkmann’, […]