The Society is governed by its Royal Charters and Statutes, the earliest of which date back to 1751. Its business is managed by the Society's Council (a board of trustees), which meets formally four times a year.

Council Membership 2017-2018

Elected members:

  • Gill Andrews, BA MIfA (President), Chair
  • Stephen Dunmore, OBE BA (Treasurer)
  • Chris Scull, MA (Director)
  • Jeremy Warren, MA DLitt Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Hon Secretary)
  • Paul Drury, Vice-President, MRICS IHBC
  • Mark Purcell, Vice-President, BA MA
  • Stewart Bryant, BSc MA PhD MIfA
  • Anthony Davis, MA MA CTA (Fellow)
  • Stephen Dunmore, BA, OBE
  • Stephen Greep, BA PhD AMA
  • Dan Hicks, MA PhD MIfA
  • Alan Lloyd, BA MA DPhil
  • John Maddison, BA PhD Hon Dr of Arts
  • Elizabeth Hallam Smith, CB PhD
  • Holly Trusted, MA, PhD

In attendance:

  • John Lewis BSc (General Secretary)

Meetings Schedule

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