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The Society consists of over 3,000 elected Fellows who are distinguished in their fields of archaeology, architectural or art history, or other antiquarian subject matters across the academic, charitable, heritage and private sectors.

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You can browse our Fellows or search for specific Fellows and find limited information about who they are. If contact information is not provided, you may contact the Society (admin@sal.org.uk), and we will endeavour to get in touch on your behalf.

Fellows, if you wish to know more about other Fellows, please log in to the secure, password-protected area of the site, where you have access to more information.


Royal Patrons and Royal Fellows

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  • Royal Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester
  • Royal Fellow: HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Royal Fellow:  HRH The Prince of Wales
  • Royal Fellow: HM The Queen of Denmark


Honorary Fellows of the Society

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  • Dr Robert McCormick Adams (USA), Anthropologist & archaeologist – Middle East & Mexico
  • Prof Pierre Amiet (France), Assyriologist; conservateur en chef honoraire, Louvre
  • Sir David Attenborough (UK), Naturalist and broadcaster
  • Prof François Baratte (France) Prof. of Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Sorbonne – N. Africa, Parthia
  • Prof Dr Paolo Biagi (Italy), Prehistoric archaeology – Italy, Sardinia, Pakistan, Kuwait
  • Prof Emeritus Dr Charalambos Bouras (Greece), Classical archaeologist; former director of Acropolis Restoration Service; Byzantine architecture
  • Dr H C Otto Braasch (Germany), Aerial archaeologist – Europe – Neolithic -20th cent., esp. Roman
  • Dr Jean Clottes (France), Prehistorian; rock art of the Pyrenees and W. Africa
  • Dr George Dontas (Greece), Archaeologist; former Director of the Acropolis Museum
  • Mr Abdelmajebid Ennabli, (Tunisia) Archaeologist; former director of excavations at Carthage
  • Prof Dr Elisabeth Ettlinger (Switzerland), Archaeologist – Roman provinces, esp. Switzerland
  • Prof Brian Fagan (USA), Prehistorian – N.American archaeology, ancient climate change and human societies
  • Prof Dr Johann Michael Fritz (Germany), Art historian; gold & silver expert, Middle Ages to modern period
  • Emeritus Prof Joscelyn Godwin (USA), musician also with interests in esotericism; generous donor to Kelmscott Manor
  • Emeritus Prof Jack Golson (Australia), Prehistorian – Pacific islands
  • Prof Christian Goudineau (France), Archaeologist and ancient historian, esp. Roman Gaul
  • Prof Zhan Guo (China), Cultural heritage management and protection in China
  • Prof Hansgerd Hellenkemper (Germany), Roman archaeologist; former Director of Cologne Museum
  • Ms Julia Osvaldovna Kagan (Russia), Art historian; expert on cameos
  • Dr Vassos Karageorghis (Cyprus), Archaeologist – leading scholar of ancient Cyprus
  • Prof Manolis Korres (Greece), Architect; former co-ordinator of Parthenon restoration
  • Prof Kristian Kristiansen (Sweden), Archaeologist, prehistorian, esp. Bronze Age; archaeological theory
  • Prof Helmut Kyrieleis (Germany), Classical archaeologist; former director of DAI, Athens
  • Prof Leonardo López Luján (Mexico), Archaeologist and historian; Director of Templo Mayor, Mexico
  • Prof Vadim Michajlovic Masson (Russia), Archaeologist – Central Asia from Neolithic to late antique
  • Emeritus Professor Eduardo Matos Moctezuma (Mexico), Archaeologist; former Director of Templo Mayor, Mexico; Aztec history and archaeology
  • Prof Mohammed Rafique Mughal (USA), Archaeologist; heritage management in N. Pakistan
  • Prof  Vésteinn Ólason (Iceland), Expert on Icelandic sagas and manuscripts
  • Prof Arturo Carlo Ottaviano Quintavalle (Italy), Art historian, medieval to 20th cent.
  • Prof Katragadda Paddayya (India), Prehistorian - earliest prehistory of the Indian sub-continent
  • Simon Russell Beale (UK), actor, broadcaster and musical historian
  • Prof Romauld Schild (Poland), Archaeologist; prehistory of Egypt & E. Africa
  • Prof Dimitri Shvidkovsky (Russia), Architectural historian: European influence on Russian architecture
  • Dr Zdenek Smetanka (Czech Republic), Medieval archaeologist; Bohemia and Spain
  • Prof Christopher Stringer (UK), Palaeontologist; ‘Out of Africa’ model for modern human origins
  • Prof Dr Willem Albertus Van Es (Netherlands), Archaeologist, prehistory & classical; Roman Netherlands
  • Prof Siegmar Freiherr Von Schnurbein (Germany), Roman archaeologist; former Director of Römisch-Germanische Kommission, Frankfurt

Society Gold Medallists

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The Society's Gold Medal is awarded for distinguished services to archaeology.
Recipients include:

  • 1934:  Sir Arthur Evans
  • 1935:  Sir Aurel Stein
  • 1937: L'Abbe Henri Breuil
  • 1938: Sir Charles Peers
  • 1939: Dr Haakon Shetelig
  • 1940: Dr Aarne Tallgren
  • 1942: Prof Sir John Nowell Linton Myres
  • 1943: Prof Sir Ellis Hovell Minns
  • 1944: Sir Mortimer Wheeler
  • 1946: Edward Thurlow Leeds
  • 1948: Sir Alfred Clapham
  • 1950: Dr Albert Egges van Giffen
  • 1952: Sir Cyril Fox
  • 1954: Dr Johannes Brondsted
  • 1956: Prof Vere Gordon Childe
  • 1958: Dr Claude F A Schaeffer
  • 1962: Sir Leonard Woolley
  • 1964: Dr H J Plenderleith
  • 1966: Prof Carl William Blegen
  • 1968: Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod 
  • 1970: Prof Emerita Sirarpie Der Nersessian
  • 1972: Dr Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford
  • 1973: Dame Joan Evans
  • 1976: Prof Sir John Nowell Linton Myres
  • 1977: Dr Donald Benjamin Harden
  • 1978: Prof John Grahame Douglas Clark
  • 1981: Prof Charles Francis Christopher Hawkes
  • 1983: Emeritus Prof Stuart Piggott
  • 1985: Prof Desmond Clark
  • 1986: Prof George Zarnecki
  • 1988: Dr Arnold Joseph Taylor
  • 1989: Prof Sheppard Sunderland Frere (resigned November 1994)
  • 1990: Prof Charles Thurstan Shaw
  • 1995:  Sir David Mackenzie Wilson
  • 1995: Prof Philip Grierson
  • 1995: Claude Blair
  • 2000: Prof Gordon Willey
  • 2002: Prof John Coles
  • 2004: Joyce Reynolds
  • 2008: Prof Rosemary Cramp
  • 2014: Beatrice de Cardi


Society Silver Medallists

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  • 1983: John Henry Hopkins


Society Medallists

The Society Medal was instituted in 1996 to mark outstanding service to the Society or the aims of the Society.

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  • 1996: Eva Rhys
  • 1996:  John Goodall
  • 1996: John Cherry
  • 1997: Dennis Turner
  • 1998: Don Chapman
  • 1998: Pat Chapman
  • 1999:  Howell Harris Hughes
  • 2001: Dr Derek Renn
  • 2001: Prof Norman Hammond
  • 2002: Martin Williams
  • 2002:  Lesley Lewis
  • 2003: Beatrice de Cardi
  • 2003: John Gilbert Hurst
  • 2004: Helen Webb
  • 2005: Prof David Morgan Evans
  • 2006: Peter Locke
  • 2007: Alan and Janet Frost
  • 2008: Bernard Nurse
  • 2010: Alan Aberg
  • 2010: Philip Lankester
  • 2011: Stephen Cosh
  • 2011: David Neal
  • 2014: John Maddison
  • 2014: Merlin Waterson
  • 2014: Pamela Tudor-Craig
  • 2015: Lesley Favager
  • 2015: Thomas Woodcock
  • 2017: Adrian Babbidge
  • 2018: Edward Harris
  • 2019: Peter Cormack
  • 2019: Martin Levy


 Society Frend Medallists

The Frend Medal, established in 1982 through the generosity of the Rev Prof William Frend, was awarded annually (until 2006) in recognition of contributions to the study of archaeological and material remains of the early Christian Church.

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  • 1982: Harold Taylor
  • 1982: Charles Thomas
  • 1983: Rosemary Cramp
  • 1984: Jocelyn Toynbee
  • 1985: Kenneth Painter
  • 1986: Martin Biddle
  • 1986:  Birthe Kjolbye-Biddle
  • 1987: Martin Harrison
  • 1988: Warwick Rodwell
  • 1989: Richard Krautheimer
  • 1990:  Michael Ryan
  • 1991: Noel Duval
  • 1992: Richard Morris
  • 1993: Hansgerd Hellenkemper
  • 1994: Wendy Davis
  • 1995: Peter Megaw
  • 1996: Charles Bonnet
  • 1997:  Yoram Tsafrir
  • 1998: Stephen John Hill
  • 1999: Marlia Mundell Mango
  • 2000:  Gunter Fehring
  • 2001: Michael John Jones
  • 2002: Nancy Gauthier
  • 2003: Philip Arthur Rahtz
  • 2004: Bogdan Zurawski
  • 2005: David Phillipson
  • 2006: Liliane Ennablie


Fellows In Focus

We've been sharing stories about our historic and contemporary Fellows to a Facebook album ('Fellows in Focus'). This album is intended to help illustrate the the work of the Society, its Fellows and our contribution to the study and understanding of the material past of this and other countries. Browse through the album below, or visit the album on Facebook!

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