The Council of the Society of Antiquaries of London has considered Dr David Starkey’s position as a Fellow of the Society in the light of his recent statements.

Our current statutes do not allow for the removal of a Fellow without a vote of the Fellowship. The Society is modernising its procedures for dealing with behaviour that is contrary to the values of the organisation and this will be concluded in the Autumn.

Council is unanimously of the view that Dr Starkey’s conduct is incompatible with our organisation’s values and that he should be requested to resign his Fellowship immediately. Our President, Mr Paul Drury FSA, has communicated this request to Dr Starkey.

We would like to reiterate that the Society of Antiquaries of London deplores the comments made by Dr Starkey. His views are not reflective of our organisation’s values nor of what it strives to be.

Previous statement regarding Dr Starkey’s comments can be found here.

The Society of Antiquaries of London’s statutes can be viewed here.