March 9 Seminar

Organised with support from Amara Thornton FSA

This year the Society celebrated 100 years since we elected female Fellows. To mark this momentous occasion we held a seminar to highlight the role of female Fellows in the Society and in particular the first female Antiquaries and their legacy.

This playlist includes the papers from the seminar in the order below;

  1. Welcome by Gill Andrews Hon VPSA
  2. Dr Amara Thornton FSAA Flock of Fellows: Introducing some of the early women FSAs 
  3. Ellie MilesResearching the lives and work of Margot Eates and Hartley Ramsden: the role of partnership and passions
  4. Dr Christne Finn FSAJacquetta Hawkes FSA: An Excavated Life
  5. Prof David Gill FSAWinifred Lamb: from the Argolid to Anatolia
  6. Dr Jennifer Wexler FSA:Choose Your Own Adventure? Using Digital Meanderings and Archaeological Enchantments via Winifred Lamb and Beyond