Research Grants

For research into any aspect of the material past

The Society’s investments, including a number of bequests, are used to support a wide range of research covering the Fellowships’ interests. Applications are welcomed for:
•    Projects that entail new initiatives and/or create interdisciplinary interest
•    Projects of definable scale or duration to which the Society will be a significant contributor
•    Projects based on funds derived from a number of sources to which the Society will be one contributor (but not those which simply ‘top up’ applications to major funding bodies). Although part of a larger project, the Society’s grants should be used to support a definable objective with concrete outcomes
•    Projects must have clearly defined objectives that lead to publication.
•    Awards are not made for work contributing to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
Applications should include a clear and detailed summary of the research aims and design, including a clear statement of the contribution of the proposed research to scholarship, with costings and proposed duration
Usual amount of award: £500 – £5,000 awarded on an annual basis with possible renewal for up to two further years for the same project; a new application is required for each year.

Amongst these, the Committee will decide to make a number of named awards to commemorate various benefactors:
The Marion Gilchrist Wilson Awards for research projects in southern Britain.
The Joan Pye Awards for early-career researchers (within 5 years of completing their PhD), in the fields of prehistoric and Roman archaeology in the United Kingdom. 
The Hugh Chapman Memorial Research Fund for research projects on the Western Roman Empire or antiquarian matters in London and its environs.

Applicants should also note that:

  • Plans for publications should be stated. The applicant is encouraged to consider submission to the Society’s Journals.
  •  It is essential to give full details of all applications to other bodies and to request a specific sum when applying to the Society. There should be a statement of the minimum sum needed to make the project viable in the event of total funding not being obtained by grants from either the Society or other bodies;
  • Applicants awarded a grant will be expected to submit electronically a satisfactory report, of no more than 1,000 words, setting out how the research objectives were met. There should also be a separate financial statement detailing how the Society's money was spent. Both reports must be submitted no later than 28 February of the year following the award of the grant. No further grant will be made to any applicant who fails to meet this requirement.
  • Grants should be taken up by 31 December of the year in which they are awarded.
  • Applicants who require funds primarily for travelling should consider applying to the Lambarde Fund.
  • Your application must be made on the form provided and should not exceed four A4 pages; the font size should be no smaller than 10 point. Your application will be considered solely on the basis of the information you provide on your application form.
  • Applications (12 copies) and references (12 copies) must be submitted by 15 January in the year of application. Late applications or those with late or missing references will not be considered. It is your responsibility to ensure your references reach the Society by the deadline.

Download the Application form and  Referee form here.